Convert Web Traffic into Quality Leads in Less Than 5 Ways

Websites are usually designed to provide your visitors with a general overview of your services, skills, achievements, and experience. It’s also a great place to tell your companies story, philosophy and the benefits of working with you! Although this is important to have on your site, it doesn’t actually move a visitor into becoming a potential client.

With today’s market using their mobile phones to do research on homes, having a website that can capture leads instead of just advertising your business, can really jump start your business. No matter how many visitors you receive a day, if it’s 5 or 5,000, your site should be designed to capture their information so you can follow up with them and start to build that relationship with them and move them into the proper stages of the buying process.

There are many reasons why websites cannot convert traffic into clientele but the following are some of the main reasons:

· Not having a proper follow-up process: Timing is everything, if you can have a process in place that can respond to leads quicker than your competitors, you can convert more leads into clients.

· Not greeting first time visitors: When someone visits your site, they should be greeted with an offer to be of service. These visitors will only give their information out if they will receive something valuable in return, immediately after they provide you with that information.

· Not having a valuable offer: If your Call-To-Action doesn’t seem compelling enough to your visitors, you won’t receive their contact information. Remember to think about your ‘end consumer’ when you come up with your Call-To-Action and now your revenue goals.

· Not knowing your Audience: If you don’t consistently look at your website analytics to see who’s visiting your site, you won’t know what value to provide to the visitor. Make sure that you’re aware of who visits your site and come up with an offer that they can’t refuse.

Things you can do now, to start converting visitors into leads:

1. Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns give you the ability to with your visitors efficiently and timely, offering them the right things at the right time. You can start customizing automated emails that appeal to potential buyers at each stage of buying process, solely based on their behavior on your site.

Behavioral Emails distribute automated responses and messages based on each visitors behavior:

· First time visitors can receive an offer for a free CMA or Home Evaluation

· Second or third time visitors can receive an offer for a free How-To or Tutorial

· Fourth or fifth time visitors can receive an offer to receive a limited-time discount for a product or service that you provide

· Those that have subscribed to your email list can receive offers exclusive to them.

2. Use a Lead Magnet

You may have already subscribed to a site for a free book, tutorial, or something at least once. If that is the case, then you understand and can appreciate the power of how a lead magnet can capture a lead. In layman’s terms, a lead magnet is an offer of value that you can give visitors of your site, in exchange for their contact information.

The point of a lead magnet is to capture the visitor’s information so you can filter them through each buying stage. Many realtors have had success with How-To or e-books because they provide the visitors with value and information to help with accomplish their goals. Many experts state that any educational supplement has a very positive ROI. The key is to make sure that you offer appeals to your audience. If you’re offering something that they have no interest in, you’re probably not going to see many results.

3. Install a Lead Generation Widget

Lead generation widgets are amazing because they can be so easily implemented with the website that you already use. The widgets can also communicate with your analytics so you can see how well your widgets are working with website visitors. You can use widgets in multiple ways:

· Overlay: An automated text box that pops-up on a specific page. The pop-up is full screen, to block most of the content that the visitor is trying to access temporarily until the visitor either accepts or denies. The numbers on overlay widgets are staggering! An overlay can generate up to 400% more opt-in emails than any other form on your website.

· Footer Bar: The footer bar is a bar that is along the bottom of the landing page. This is great for social media icons and converting website visitors to your social media platforms. This means that it’s important to be on top of your Social Media Game!

· Sidebar: This is a vertical bar that is toward one side of the page that is usually reserved for marketing announcements, offers, deals, or events, that are not a part of your main content.

· Slide In Widget: This is another marketing message that slides in from any part of the screen that can be easily removed and isn’t as intrusive as a pop-up.

4. Experimenting Using A/B Testing:

Marketing is all about trial and error. What works and what doesn’t. Experiment with your automated scheduling tools to develop a process that maximizes turning visitors into leads. An overlay, if it’s positioned too early can deter many visitors and drive your bounce rate up. On the other hand, if it’s too late, you might miss opportunities to win leads. If you monitor the results of your lead generation, you’ll be able to develop a process that maximizes the traffic that visitors your website.

The majority of lead capturing plugins have an A/B testing feature, which allows you to experiment with alternative offers, call-to-actions, and scheduling. By monitoring the demographic and timing, it gives you greater insight on your customer’s behavior.


Intelligent and automated marketing tools can be used to capture and convert web traffic into quality leads, giving your website a purpose other than advertising your company and skills. If you can create an attractive enough offer with timely call-to-actions, you’ll capture and convert a higher percentages of leads.

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