Lead Nurturing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Lead nurturing for agents is one of the best ways to turn visitors into clients. Every single website visitor is a potential prospect. As your database grows, so does the risk of losing potential sales by not having a strategic plan to engage with your prospects.

What is Lead Nurturing?

By setting up strategic landing pages with your site, it can capture that consumer data, ultimately providing you with a lead. Lead nurturing is the process in which you try to convert those leads into clients. Lead nurturing typically combines analytics, strategic marketing, and purposeful automation tools trying to turn prospects into clients.

Agents who try to establish relationships with their prospects in their database can find opportunities in their sphere of influence. Every time a new prospect visits your website or subscribes to your blog, there needs to be a lead nurturing process that builds interest and brand value, which will compel those prospects to choose you as their real estate agent.

Unlike referral leads, cold and warm prospects know little about you and are probably considering other agents as well. These cold and warm leads are most likely in the early phases of the buyer’s journey.

Cold Leads

In 2017/2018 would, cold and warm prospects are most likely going to discover you through an online search. Cold leads are the individual that you’ve tried to make contact with, but they haven’t indicated a need for your service yet. They may have clicked on one of your Facebook ads and discovered your site.

Warms Leads

Warm leads typically have more familiarity with your brand than other leads do. They may have been to your site or Facebook page a few times in search for some type of information. A warm lead may have also emailed you an inquiry or they may have reached out in search for information.

Hot Leads

Hot leads are typically self-explanatory, they’re prospects that have a strong indication of a need. Most likely, they’ve found you through an online search or a referral. These type of leads may contact you directly and ask for a listing appointment. Hot leads typically require the least amount of nurturing because they have a clearly established need.

Strategies to Nurture Leads

There are multiple cost effective strategies that you can implement to nurture your leads. By utilizing your social media channels, you can generate new leads from prospects who discover you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Blog Content

Your real estate blog is a tremendous way to nurture leads into clients. Those individuals who subscribe to your blog may be homeowners someday. The prospects may still be early in the buyer’s journey, but by staying in touch with them regularly through value-added blogs can lead to a much higher conversion rate.

Make sure to mix up the topics you’re writing about. Topics such as; neighborhood news, relevant neighborhood statistics, interview with local residents. People who are searching for local businesses, events, or organization in your target neighborhood will discover your blog article if you use the right keywords.

By diversifying the content on your blog, it will appear to a broader audience. You can also incorporate video, live streaming, and slideshows that can generate more awareness about your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, to me, is one of the best ways to nurture warm leads, if done properly. They probably found an article you’ve written because of a Facebook ad. Once they subscribe, you need to keep them engaged with content that is of interest or value to them.

Drip campaigns are the best way to nurture warm leads. You can create and implement a drip campaign using automation marketing systems that should integrate with your CRM system. Email are triggered and sent to your prospects based on their online behavior.

For example, if a visitor on your site spends time looking at golf side listings, you can send them an automated email about properties on golf courses that are available. By grouping your prospects in different categories, you can craft offers and marketing content that leads to higher conversion rates. Sending content that isn’t relevant or valuable to your end-consumer, will annoy members of your database and lose prospects interest in your company.


Video content is becoming extremely effective at capturing attention, for both mobile and desktop users. Posting a video of your listing or an interview with a local business owner can generate warmer leads from prospects who are seeking info about their local housing market.

Live stream your next showing or open house, then promote the video and target people that like your Facebook page. You can also target your follower’s friends, increasing brand exposure around your sphere of influence.

Lead Nurturing is a great and cost effective way to convert for prospects into clients and help generate more referral leads. Ultimately, by spending quality time nurturing a lead in a strategic way, your pockets will increase, your database will increase, and your business will increase.

What are you waiting for?

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