Start Generating Referrals and New Clients from Open Houses

In this article, I’m going to share with you a formula that can generate more referrals and new clients from your open houses. Even if you don’t have an active listing, you can still use this information to grow your business.

Stage One: What You’ll Need

First, you need to find an active listing that has an open houses scheduled. If you don’t have a listing, ask other agents in your brokerage if you can host their open house. Many times, agents in your brokerage might have multiple showings on the weekend. If you can, try to go for listings in popular areas where the market is active.

It’s imperative that you have a Facebook page where you can post the active listing and promote that listing to home owners in your target market using Facebook detailed targeting.

A dedicated landing page might be one of the most important things to capture incoming open house leads. Your IDX listing page on your website will work great. Make sure that the landing page has an RSVP option or a form to submit more information in case the user is interested in the property.

Stage Two: Target Audience

When promoting your Open House, selecting an audience is the most important step. To maximize every dollar you spend on Facebook marketing, you need to target your ideal audience.

Feel free to follow these steps to create the perfect target audience:

  • When you create the campaign, make sure you’re target objective is for “link clicks”.
  • Remember, you’re trying to pull them off of Facebook and to your landing page.
  • Make sure to narrow the target location to the area around the open house location.
  • Under the “detailed targeting” search bar, target first-time home buyers, likely to move (behaviors), recently married, renters, and new parents.

Now, make sure to use a professional image of the property with details of your open house. Test the link and assure that the landing page is working properly.

Stage Three: Retargeting Users to Your Open House Landing Page

Now, you’ve launched your open house campaign and Facebook has approved the ad, it’s time to retarget that target audience. Launch a separate campaign with the campaign objective set to “brand awareness”. This is meant to retarget those who have visited your landing page, so they keep seeing your open house ad.

Power Tip: Avoid any location targeting for the retargeting advertisements.

Stage Four: Nurturing Your Incoming Leads

The last stage of this advertising puzzle is to nurture your leads from your retargeting advertisements. Connect your CRM with your lead form and add them to a separate list.

Lead Nurture Power Tip: Always, always, always, avoid straight sales pitch in the beginning of your drip campaigns.

Here are some examples of Content for Drip Emails:

  • Confirming their open house appointment
  • Adding them to your monthly newsletter
  • Post open house questions/ survey
  • Article informing buyers on how to maximize an open house
  • Soft sales email
  • Generic article about the real estate market in your target area

By following these four stages, you will start generating new clients from your open house marketing. Your goal should be to target 1 open house per week and scale it back from there.

Open houses allow you to grow your database and sphere of influence dramatically!

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