The Art of Engaging with Millennial Home Buyers and Sellers

In June of 2015, the number of millennials surpassed the number of baby boomers. Millennial home buyers and sellers are completely changing the way that real estate agents connect with prospects. Millennials represent 34% of home buyers in the United States. You need to be prepared to give the millennial home buyers and sellers the value in what they’re looking for.

Millennials have a strong desire to own a home! Even though millennials are struggling with student debt, job security, and increased home prices, this isn’t going to stop them from wanting to own a piece of planet earth. When marketing to prospective millennial clients, here are a few tips to give you that edge.

6 Tips for Engaging with Millennial Home Buyers and Sellers

  1. Develop a Strong Presence on Social Media

41% of millennials use Facebook on a day-to-day basis, but Facebook is not the only platform to reach them! Millennials engage on other social media platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. If you can expand your reach among other social media platforms, you’re more likely to engage with a larger audience of millennials.

2. Develop a Strong Online Presence

Millennials are much more comfortable using the internet than those of Generation X or Baby Boomers. Millennials tend to rely on the internet for news, shopping, socializing, and entertainment. A business with a lack of online presence or no website raises red flags among millennials and effects the perceived value that they might have for you and your business.

You need to have a website that is functional across multiple devices, but the most important device is mobile! When a millennial has a poor experience on your website using their smartphone or tablet, the likelihood of you capturing that prospect decreases dramatically. Being a Millennial, I can confirm that millennials have little to no patience or forgiveness for a poor mobile site or poor site architecture.

3. Use Technology to Engage with Millennials

Why should a millennial book an appointment when they can just schedule a Facetime call? Why not provide visitors to your site with access to important documents that they’ll need throughout their buyer’s journey.

The millennial generation will find tremendous value in your efficiency and technical expertise by providing them value upfront. This will ensure them that you’re just as committed to saving time as they are!

4. Be Responsive

By responding to text messages or emails from your millennials clients quickly, you will provide them with instant gratification. Because they can use their smart phones to pay bills, purchase tickets to a show, and even stream live events, waiting several hours for a response with make you negligent or incompetent.

5. Stay Open Minded

If you can convince your millennial clients that you’re open minded and progressive, you’ll earn more referrals from their sphere of influence and create leverage over your more conservative competition.

6. Be Yourself

One of the biggest reasons millennials are hesitant to engage more on Facebook more than any other social media platform is due to the lack of authenticity. If you really want to have success engaging millennials on the Facebook platform, don’t just share your victories, but your losses as well. Not only will you feel liberated, but you’ll appear more genuine.

Adding humor to some of your marketing content can also have positive engagement results from millennials. Celebrate the successes of your sphere of influence and reach out with words of encouragement to those whom you don’t with on a regular basis.

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