The Hidden Value of Cross Promotion in Real Estate

You’ve heard me talk about the importance of developing B2B relationships in the Real Estate Industry multiple times before. Relationships in business can go a long way to keeping your pipeline full, keeping your skills and knowledge of the market sharp, and even lead to more passion and happiness with your business. By utilizing the relationships that you’ve made with other agents, lenders, insurance agents, and even contractors, you can cross promote your content and listings with them, expanding your overall audience! Cross promoting is a great strategy for agents if you have a network of people in all areas of the industry. If you don’t have those relationships, it’s time to start building your network of contacts to grow your business.

When you cross-promote your services with another business, you are actually sharing your audience. This is a great way to provide value to other people in your industry on a consistent basis!

Cross Promoting with Mortgage Lenders

One of the first stages of a home buyer, and home owner, is meeting with a mortgage lender. They speak with a seller, in some cases, before they consider selling their home. Those looking to sell their home, start by seeing how much their home is worth, right!? Partnering with a lender whom you have developed a strong relationship with, can provide you with an accurate CMA to give to your leads, in exchange for promoting them. You can say something like “This CMA was generated by ___________”. Your lender can also use their website or social media influence to promote your brand and listings to their audience.

If your mortgage lender plans to send out some kind of communication, like a newsletter, include a “home buying tips area”, or one for “staging your home and it’s importance”, with every newsletter that includes your information.

This is an obvious one, but keeping each other’s business cards at your office or in your car, to include in any informational packets, open houses, or other collateral that goes out. You could also send out a joint post card, or go in together on digital marketing and advertising.

Cross Promoting with Insurance Agents

First-time homeowners will be actively shopping home insurance companies for the first time, especially online, so a joint partnership with reputable insurance agents could really help keep your pipeline full, especially with first-time homeowners. Make sure to keep their business cards in your office or your car, just in case.

Identical to your relationship with mortgage lenders, keeping in touch on a regular basis will always save relationships and keep business strong. I recommend getting together at least once a quarter, to discuss new ideas and gather insight about what you’re seeing in the market, and once a month to discuss cross-promotional ideas. As an agent, you need to find small ways to provide them value, throughout each month/quarter. By providing more and more value to your Cross-Promotional partnerships, it will help you solidify the relationship at a quicker pace.

Cross Promoting with Contractors

You may see this a lot, but homeowners tend to upgrade their home before listing it shortly after. Having a strong relationship with a reputable contractor can lead to more listings! Keeping your pipeline full of listings can really help grow your bottom line. On the flip side, you are connected with homeowners looking to sell their home, they may need a contractor.

Starting and maintaining a relationship with contractors can really increase and improve your referral business. The more B2B relationships you have with local and reputable contractors, the more value you will add to your brand and reputation in your local community.

Cross Promoting Through Advertising

Utilize your B2B relationships and go in together on print ads, local events, digital marketing and advertising. By having another company in on the promotion, it would cut your marketing costs in half and doubling your reach. You can team up with each other to provide consistent news and promote events in your area that your audience would find valuable.

Utilize social media to promote the other! This is such an easy way to provide value to your partnerships. You can write a “guest blog” for each other’s sites. Some topics that your audience would want to know from a lender, or insurance agent, or even contractors. Brainstorm relevant content, advertising platforms, and start building your brand with other reputable people in your industry.

You can also have a page on your website designated for the people you have the partnerships with. This is a constant way to advertise their services on your page, and vice-versa. Have a contract in place that covers both sides. Include the total amount in the contract and who pays for what, etc. Make digital copies of the contract and items for everyone to have for their records.

Cross Promoting is a way that builds value in yourself, strengthens your relationship with those in your industry, and solidify your brand in your local community. Send a quick text, an email, or a message through social media, to those you would want to start a Cross Promotional relationship with today!

Comment below if you’ve started branching out and developing relationships in your industry!

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