The Perfect Cold Calling Tips for Agents Who Hate Cold Calling

“Cold calling”, words that make every real estate agent cringe. Well, that stops today! I’m going to share with you cold calling tips that can turn your cold calling into an effective lead generation strategy.

Here we go!

When you’re cold calling prospective buyers and sellers, it’s not what you say that is most important, it’s how you say it! A prospect can sense your tone of voice right away, how you express yourself on a cold call is a direct reflection of 3 key variables.

  1. Confidence
  2. Preparation
  3. Enthusiasm

Always be enthusiastic on the phone! Smile when you hear the first ring and continue smiling when the customer answers the phone. Your prospect can sense the tone immediately! By combining an enthusiastic tone and your unwavering confidence in the value of what you’re offering, you’ll have the confidence to initiate more conversation and handle more objections.

5 Reasons Why Your Cold Calling Isn’t Working

1. Poor Energy

By not sounding enthusiastic, your prospect will lose faith in what you’re selling. By not projecting passion in what you’re offering, the prospect won’t find integrity in what you’re saying. Or, sometimes you might be too aggressive with how you’re speaking, this may deter the prospect to what you’re offering.

2. Lack of Consistency

We’ve all heard it, “practice makes perfect”. You’re going to experience some awkward conversations at first, but you won’t develop a rhythm without daily practice. A great way to stay consistent is to set a schedule for cold calling and aim for a target number of daily phone calls. I recommend up to 25–30 phone calls per day. You have to remember that you won’t connect with everyone you call, so make each connection count!

3. Lack of Preparation

When you fumble your words, mispronounce things and have awkward pauses, you’re projecting a lack of confidence. By rehearsing your pitch and practicing the prospects name, you being to gain confidence in yourself. Just think, would you feel confident trusting someone with your real estate transaction who can’t get your name right?

4. No Originality

If you read your script word for word, you’re going to kill the conversation immediately! Have you ever enjoyed listening to someone read to you over the phone? Use your script as a road map to guide your conversation!

5. You’re Not Using A Cold Calling Script

Your conversation needs to develop in calculated phases that steer the prospect to a decision. When you do not have a script, your conversations will lack any sort of direction and produce little to no results. Ultimately, you’ll being to lose confidence in handling any objections.

6 Cold Call Script Tips to Remember:

• Define what exactly you’re trying to accomplish with each phone call. Whether it be an appointment, a listing, or an interview, you need to know what you’re trying to accomplish.

• Set goals that are aggressive, yet realistic. Establish a comfortable threshold for daily call volume as well, to make sure you connect with enough prospects each week.

• Always go into each phone call with a positive mindset and enthusiasm, no matter what type of mood your prospect is in.

• Show empathy for your prospects and their pain points! By becoming defensive and aggressive to objections, you’ll lost the prospect for good.

• Providing valuable solutions instead of soliciting, you can build perceived value right away and start gaining the prospect’s trust.

• Ask open ended questions in order to understand your prospects objections and goals. The more questions you ask, the more leverage you can create when pitching your product or overcoming objections.

• BONUS TIP: Never start a question with “why”. It immediately put the prospect on defense and can ruin the conversation.

Honestly, cold calling isn’t the ideal form of lead generation, but for many agents with a specific niche, a good cold calling script can bring you appointments you would never have uncovered elsewhere!

Did you take any value away from this blog? If so, please leave a comment below!

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