5 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Sponsorships

The real estate agent that continually sponsor local events become leaders in their community. They use this method to expand their sphere of influence, earn the respect from their community and create more opportunities to grow their business.

Sponsorships are opportunities to support a little league baseball team, a local community event, or to an organization that makes a positive impact all while increasing the exposure of your real estate company. A sponsorship could even be a donation of your time.

To point you down the right path, here are 5 sponsorship ideas that you can implement right now!

  1. Sponsor a local high school or youth sports team/ league.

High school and youth sports teams in your area are the perfect sponsorship opportunities. The money that you contribute has a high value on the organization! Your money can go towards their uniforms, equipment, team trips, or even covering the costs of coaching. All while you gain the awareness among the parents and community filled with prospective home buyers and sellers.

  1. Making a donation to a local charity.

This is one of the most common ways to get your name out in your community. Find an organization that supports a cause that you have a true passion for and support that program or project with a charitable donation. A donation in which you can deduct. This is a win-win situation for the organization, the cause you’re supporting, and your brand!

  1. Advertising a Local Golf Tournament

If you reach out to local golf courses you should be able to find out if there are any sponsorship opportunities for tournaments that bring a large amount of foot traffic. Tournaments can attract thousands of people, like conventions, some tournaments will allow you to set up a promotional table.

  1. Sponsor a Community Festival or Parade

You’d be shocked to find a town in America that doesn’t have at least one big festival, parade, or block party annually. These are very popular sponsorship opportunities, so you might as well join the fun. If they plan to give out a gift basket or information packet, ask to put your business card in each one.

  1. Sponsor a Restaurant tasting or pub crawls

Ann Arbor has a vibrant culture and have a great selection of restaurants or bars. Contact the owners of the restaurants and bars and see if they’re hosting any tastings or pub crawls. You can work with breweries or wineries to learn about the events and inquire about sponsoring them. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day hopping from one place to another connecting with locals and their business owners?

Start developing your plan to incorporate sponsorships into your marketing plan! They’re a great way to grow your business from the ground up locally. Establishing a great relationship with your community will give your business longevity and help you accomplish your personal and career goals. What are you waiting for?

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