Running Your Real Estate Business with an Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset

The difference between the millionaire real estate agent and the average real estate agent isn’t education, experience, or industry knowledge. It’s their mindset. The number one thing you can leverage to gain an advantage amongst the competition is your mindset. Millionaire agents live in abundance. Every single day!

A simple paradigm shift can propel an agent from rags to riches. It can skyrocket your sales and the growth of your business. Changing your paradigm doesn’t cost you a single penny either. All it takes is some effort and persistence. If you can change your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance, your entire world can change overnight.

The Abundance Mindset

What is the first thing you focus on in the morning? Is it the fact that you’re already running ten minutes behind, or the fact that you get the chance to live another amazing day on this planet? A person who lives their lives in abundance don’t believe in cup half empty or cup half full, they believe in a cup that’s overflowing with opportunity, money, time, and happiness. They believe that there is enough for everyone!

By altering your daily thoughts, it’s very likely to experience an unlimited amount of happiness. There may be some skepticism, which is always appreciated. We were all skeptical about it at first, but the most successful people in every industry live in a state of abundance.

Why the Abundance Mindset is Crucial In Real Estate

Peace of mind and happiness is the reason that most people go into the real estate industry. Living in a state of abundance allows you to have unlimited peace of mind and happiness, not only in your career, but in your life as well.

An average agent’s mindset is typically one in scarcity. These agents are always chasing leads, trying to get to the prospect first. When they don’t, they believe that another agent will swoop in and steal the client. They constantly believe, “I have to do a perfect job or someone else will take the client”.

This is the textbook losing mindset. If you’re looking for success and happiness in your real estate career, you need to realize that there is more than enough opportunity for every single agent in your market. Doing the right thing is always the right thing. Work hard, be yourself, stay positive and your real estate business will explode. Stop worrying about losing opportunities and focus your energy on the next opportunity that will come. Continue to anticipate leads coming in and growth in your business, the leads and growth will start to follow.

Staying in a state of abundance is difficult and takes discipline and willpower to stay in the mindset. If you focus on past failures, memories, or mistakes you will quickly goof yourself and fall out of that mindset.

Every human gets down on themselves and puts themselves in a funk by focusing on the struggles you’ve experienced. The agent that stays in the state of abundance the most, typically has more longevity, more success, and more happiness. Here are 5 tips to establish a mindset of abundance.

5 Keys to Establishing a Mindset of Abundance

  1. You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

When you talk with a Millionaire Real Estate Agent, they will tell you, once you change your mindset it will result in a complete change of your lifestyle. The next step is to audit the people you mostly choose interact with. The individuals who don’t want you to grow without them, scoff at your goals, or put any negative energy towards your growth at all need to go!

SO many agents choose not to separate from the negative entities surrounding them, ultimately hinder your potential growth. Poisonous habits and lifestyles attract people with the same mindset. Just like success attracts success, failure attracts failure. Auditing your sphere can really open your eyes to the negative energy that you choose to surround yourself with.

Start with something small, like complaining about the traffic or the market and see who joins the conversation in your office. Just watch as the negative people join in on the complaining and observe how the successful agents in your office won’t even join in on the conversation because they’re focused on the great things in their life.

If you’re consuming negative content, like the news, more than you’re consuming positive content, you need to reevaluate what you’re consuming. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, motivate you, believe in you, and want the best for you. Those are the winners and those are the individuals who can help you propel your career to the next level.

  1. Use Scarcity as an Opportunity

Over the course of building your business, you’ll find yourself short on resources. Whether it’s cash flow, employees, workload, scarcity in my life has been able to teach me to recognize scarcity in my life as an opportunity to assess my weaknesses and improve.

Rather than focusing your energy on the low inventory in your market, always focus on what you can control. Reverse engineer your current business situation and learn from how you got there. Could you have prepared for this? Were there any indicators that could have prepared you? Use this as an opportunity to speak with your industry leaders, learn more about your market and community, or even implement winning systems into your business. Use scarcity in life as an opportunity to improve.

  1. Anticipate, then Adapt

When an agent waits for something in their business to happen, they become completely passive and disengage quite quickly. By anticipating for things, you produce a sense of excitement and expectation for something to happen.

The top agents in your market who anticipate positive things, typically prepares for positive things. By waking up each day and anticipating a successful day, you put yourself in a position to start attracting major success and growth in your business and personal life. Learn your market and the prospective buyers and sellers that come with it, allowing yourself to anticipate your clients needs before they’re aware of them. Positioning yourself as a local market expert.

  1. Act Now

We’re humans, and when humans feel beat down, it’s much easier to put off certain aspects of running a business or avoid facing dreaded challenges. Every business owner has some type of resentment towards some aspects of running their business, and they’ll put them off towards the end of the day. We all know what happens when we put things off, they never get done! How do you expect to grow your business when you continue to damage your own success.

By prioritizing the tasks that you despise most, you can conquer them early and ride the positive vibes the rest of the day. All it takes to get over the hurdles and get through those dreaded tasks is a shift in your paradigm. Change the way you think about each task and take care of them right away. I used to hate cold calling, but I knew that if I just made one more call, I’ll set an appointment. I would always make one more call and I’d always set that appointment. It’s a mindset and belief in the universe. Trust that it will come and it will come. Your business is not going to grow itself! Start right now, tomorrow is never promised and may never come!

  1. Be You and Stay True to You

Rather than wishing you had a million followers, embrace who you are and who you want to become. Embrace your personality and be you! By staying true to who you really are and what you truly believe in, you can establish a closer relationship with your community and create longevity in your market. Being yourself allows you to tap into your true self and establish a very unique relationship with your community.

Millionaire agents don’t share their accomplishments as much as they share their failures and losses. It allows them to prove to their community that they’re human, they make mistakes, and it’s all apart of the process. Many people in your community will be inspired by your failures more than your accomplishments.

Every human is unique in their own way. Share your unique story and you’ll be able to identify with a specific niche market and establish a loyal following. For example: if you’re a millennial who just got their real estate license, you might be able to identify with first time home buyers.

Implementing a Daily Abundance Mindset

When starting to train your mind to live in a state of abundance, it takes daily discipline. I always keep a daily gratitude journal with me at all times. I’m always writing down things that I am grateful for. Remember that it is physically, mentally, and spiritually impossible to feel grateful and upset, sad, or angry at the same time. You can’t do it. By making a gratitude list every day, you’ll be attracting positive energy and stay in a positive mindset. You’ll accept daily stresses and become grateful for them.

My mindset is: I’m grateful for the bills that come to my house every month, it means that I have a roof above my head. Billions of people all over the world don’t have that. I’m grateful for traffic to and from work every day. It means that I have a job to help pay for my bills. Millions of Americans would kill to have a job. How can I let some things that don’t matter control my emotions when I’m living a life billions of humans would die for?

Write down all of your accomplishments and stick them on your office wall. Remind yourself that you really are truly amazing and there is no ceiling to my success. I live in abundance. By surrounding yourself with your own accomplishments, you start to believe in yourself and your dream. “Damn, I really CAN do this!”

By changing your paradigm, you WILL change your life completely over night. View everything as a blessing and everything becomes a blessing. Remember that you chose the life you have, be grateful for the struggles and be grateful for where you are.

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