8 Buyer and Seller Facebook Ads Every Agent Should Use

Promoting Weekend Open Houses

This post is perfect for targeting buyers who are motivated to find their ‘dream’ home. Yet, it’s early enough in the buying process that they may not have a realtor.

If you target buyers looking motivated enough to be looking at open houses, you’re capturing a lead when they’re at their warmest stage.

This ad should be run continuously for maximum results. If you spend between $5 – $10 / day for 30 days, you have a potential to capture 50+ leads.

House of the Week

This post is great if you’re looking to capture buyer OR seller leads! This post is for increasing the exposure of your listings or even capturing quality leads. This ad typically captures buyers who are interested in this house OR homes similar to this.

It also captures seller leads who are interested in selling their home. If you impress potential home sellers by your House of The Week marketing campaign, your likelihood of converting them increases dramatically.

You can post a new house of the week ad every Friday, advertise it for $10-$50 in your market and dramatically increase your brand exposure throughout your target market! What are you waiting for?

Neighborhoods Top 20 Homes Under $450K

I love this post! This is a phenomenal example of a real estate team striving to brand themselves as market experts. They’re using Facebook to tell an amazing story about their market.

“Featuring the top 20 homes in [insert market name] under $450K!” This attracts the attention of your community AND the attention of buyers and sellers who are looking to buy or sell in the price range you specified.

Writing this blog on your website and driving traffic to it from Facebook is a great way to capture leads and stuff your database with quality buyer and seller leads.

Promoting New Development Projects

This is a great example of creating ads to capture a specific segment of the market. This specific ad is trying to capture potential buyer leads who are interested in purchasing newly built condos..

If you have strong relationships with builders, promote their new construction projects using social media and develop a strong relationship with potential interested buyers in your community.

This doesn’t have to be just condos, it can be single family homes, neighborhoods, commercial buildings, etc. If there is new development in your market, document the entire journey through social media. This gives you a great opportunity to establish a relationship with people in your community.

Promoting Your New Listing

The most exciting part about getting a new listing is promoting it on social media! Facebook is a story telling platform. Facebook gives you an opportunity to show the unique features your listing has and the many things the home has to offer. Every home has a story, it’s up to you to tell that home’s story.

Notice how this ad doesn’t include the # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, the address or the sq. ft? Those items are considered ‘disqualifying factors’ and can dramatically effect the amount of potential leads you can capture. Instead, highlight the unique features that may attract buyers to your listing.

By advertising the unique features, you’re attracting buyers of any kind to your listing before giving away any of the ‘details’. Spend $100 for 21 days on this ad and you may capture 20+ leads. Happy Agent. Happy Seller.

Sold for $45K Over ‘Guesstimate’

We all know those websites that give ‘guesstimates’ and how widely inaccurate they are. This ad is an example of a great way to use those ‘guesstimates’ as leverage!

This agent was able to sell their listing for $45k over the ‘guesstimate’! Go ahead and share that! It’s not just a humble brag, it lets potential sellers know that the ‘guesstimate’ prices are unreliable.

This agent was able to position themselves as an expert in their market knowledge, negotiation skills, presentation skills, and how hard they work for their client. No matter how this transaction went down, the potential seller has created a very positive perception of you and your company. That’s a win-win

Promoting New Listings in Your Market

When it comes to Reverse Prospecting, there are very few examples that are better than this! This agent is promoting homes in her market that JUST hit the market. Shes promoting up-to-the minute updates in her market.

This is an amazing example of giving your prospect exactly what they’re looking for, with little to work on their end. She does a great job driving traffic to her website that she’s promoting.

This gives her a great opportunity to capture those prospects with a landing page on her website. It allows positions herself as a resource to her market. by providing them with value If you’re able to provide value to your prospects, you will dramatically increase your conversion rate.

See How Much Your Home Value Has Increased

I like this ad because it can be used every year around the holidays. It’s a great way to attract potential seller leads. Every seller would love to know if their home has increased!

A lot of sellers like to start their selling process by determining how much their current home is worth. Any seller who is interested in selling the spring might be looking to find out their home’s value in during the holiday season.

If you spend $5/ day from December 1st – December 31st, you may capture 25+ leads.

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