Monday Marketing Minute 004 – Taking Advantage of ‘Adult Snow Days

In Michigan, the weather is unpredictable, especially in the winter. One minute you’re driving to the grocery store in normal weather and the next minute there is 6 inches of fresh powder covering your car. These sudden weather changes can create a disruption in your schedule. Snow is a perfect example of the many disruptions that agents face in their daily schedules. When an appointment is cancelled or a change in your schedule occurs, pockets of time open up in your schedule.

Adult snow days are a fantastic opportunity to do the things that your competition isn’t doing. Find ways to spend your day prospecting, marketing, and lead generating. You can also use this time to farm your current database. Remember, when schools are closed, most of the parents are home with their kids too. This gives you more opportunities to reach out to your database and follow up with you warm/hot leads.

A few examples of marketing you can do today, that your competition isn’t doing are:

  1. Revisit and reflect on your 2019 business plan. Are you currently on track? What’s worked well so far in 2019? What do you need to improve on moving forward? Use this time to take an extra look at your business plan and hold yourself accountable.
  2. Make your prospecting phone calls. I can guarantee you, my step dad is on the phone right now with his existing prospecting pool, trying to set appointments. Like I said before, a lot of your clients/prospects are home from work today too. When the snow storm is at it’s peak is when you’ll have the greatest opportunity to for conversations.
  3. Write 10-15 handwritten cards. Write these cards to previous clients you haven’t spoken to in a while. Write these cards to prospects you’ve talked to or met with so far in 2019. When you write these cards, make sure to add something important about them that will make their eyes light up. For example, a client of mine is a avid soccer fan with a daughter who plays for Miami OH. When I wrote him a card, I congratulated him on his daughter’s most recent 2 goal game at Miami, OH. When I saw him next, he told me that he still has the card and it makes his eyes light up every time he reads it.
  4. A great way to provide value to your community without spending a cent is to grab a shovel and shovel your neighbors driveway or sidewalk. Find opportunities to save your immediate sphere time in their day. Karma is practical and doing things without expectation will result in massive growth.
Thank you for time today! I hope that you all have a safe and prosperous Monday!

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