3 Things That Every Agent Should Master on Instagram

Instagram is steadily becoming the social media platform that covers the widest range of demographics and captures the largest group of audience attention compared to other social platforms. Real estate agents are continuing to use the platform, but it’s time to be more strategic with you Instagram habits, in the real estate industry. Here are 3 things that every agent should master when they’re on Instagram:

The Art of Instagram Stories

I read this in a blog today and I felt it was worth doubling down on – “Think of your newsfeed as the cover to your book and the IG stories are the pages contained inside your book”. Your newsfeed is going to attract new followers to your account, but your stories will turn your followers into raving fans, by deepening your relationships! Make your followers feel like they know you on a personal level with IG Stories.

Make your stories fun and engaging. Give your followers some human interaction and bring them behind the scenes of your real estate business. Show them how you’re staging your new listing. Bring them to an open house or evening a networking event that you’re attending.

Getting Comfortable Making Video Content

80% of the content that is consumed on the entire internet is video content. If you’re not comfortable on camera right now, start with using videos on your IG Stories. Stories provide human experience, it’s okay to be raw and unedited. Be yourself and be authentic.

Use video content to bring value to your following. If you’re at a showing and a buyer just asked you 7 questions, take to video to answer those questions to educate other buyers who may have those same questions. If you’re at an open house, bring the open house to them using IG Live and do a “MTV Cribs” style video! I promise it’ll work and you’ll get over the scary feeling of recording yourself.

Instagram Story Highlights

Stories on IG only last for 24 hours, that’s why they keep the attention so well! Highlights allow you to save those IG stories forever. A great strategy to do is creating different highlights for each pillar of your business.

One can be all of the videos of your listings. One can be your testimonials of happy clients. Another can be buyer or seller tips that you’ve created for the past 12 months. Another can be introducing your team to the world.

If you post something on your story and feel like “damn, that’s a good piece of content”, then add it to your highlights!

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