Monday Marketing Minute – 005 Leveraging Relationships for Great Content

What’s up everybody! Ann Arbor Title Guy, here for your Monday Marketing Minute presented by State Street Title. The winter months present a great opportunity to create great content for your website and social media channels. Most of you have already established relationships with local business owners, local politicians, and community personalities. Leverage these relationships byContinue reading “Monday Marketing Minute – 005 Leveraging Relationships for Great Content”

Why Your Title Rep Should Bring You More Than Just Donuts and Pens

“If a title reps stopped bringing bagels and donuts to real estate offices, bakeries would go out of business!” Think about that quote for a second. How accurate does that quote sound? If your title rep stopped bringing you donuts and bagels, would you stop giving them their business? We (as title reps) have createdContinue reading “Why Your Title Rep Should Bring You More Than Just Donuts and Pens”

The Art of Engaging with Millennial Home Buyers and Sellers

In June of 2015, the number of millennials surpassed the number of baby boomers. Millennial home buyers and sellers are completely changing the way that real estate agents connect with prospects. Millennials represent 34% of home buyers in the United States. You need to be prepared to give the millennial home buyers and sellers the value in what they’re looking for.

Understanding the Home Buyer Journey

The buyer’s journey is typically a four step process that someone experiences every time they spend their money on a product or service. Whether it’s a real estate transaction or just a cup of coffee, the buyer’s journey is the same. By understanding what buyers are thinking in these phases, it will help you acquire more buyers and sellers for your business. The marketing strategies should target specific buyer personality in order to acquire more clients.

Strengthening Your Bio Can Increase Lead Generation

More and more prospective clients are starting their search for their real estate agent on one of three sites, Zillow, Trulia, or Prospective clients are turning to these websites first, to gather information on agents in their area.

The Hidden Value of Cross Promotion in Real Estate

Relationships in business can go a long way to keeping your pipeline full, keeping your skills and knowledge of the market sharp, and even lead to more passion and happiness with your business.

How To Stuff Your Pipeline Through Local Businesses

So many agents are leaving money and opportunities on the table when it comes to B2B relationships with local businesses. These businesses work with homeowners and home buyers in your community, every single day.

Convert Web Traffic into Quality Leads in Less Than 5 Ways

Websites can be a vital way to capture leads and enter them into your lead nurturing drip campaigns! Here are 5 tips to convert web traffic into quality leads!

Real Estate in a Digital Age:

In 2018, it’s more important to have a digital presence than anything else. Buyers and sellers are using 3rd party sites to search for homes and real estate agents.