Monday Marketing Minute – 005 Leveraging Relationships for Great Content

What’s up everybody! Ann Arbor Title Guy, here for your Monday Marketing Minute presented by State Street Title. The winter months present a great opportunity to create great content for your website and social media channels. Most of you have already established relationships with local business owners, local politicians, and community personalities. Leverage these relationships byContinue reading “Monday Marketing Minute – 005 Leveraging Relationships for Great Content”

Running Your Real Estate Business with an Abundance Mindset

The difference between the millionaire real estate agent and the average real estate agent isn’t education, experience, or industry knowledge. It’s their mindset. The number one thing you can leverage to gain an advantage amongst the competition is your mindset. Millionaire agents live in abundance. Every single day! A simple paradigm shift can propel anContinue reading “Running Your Real Estate Business with an Abundance Mindset”

The Law of Reciprocity in Real Estate

Have you ever felt the need to do something nice for someone who has helped you – even if they haven’t asked you to? Social psychologists call this feeling the Law of Reciprocity and it’s one of the most powerful influencing methods in business and is the very core of any successful Real Estate Agent.